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White and Black

What does “black and white” mean?

  1. A monochromatic picture, drawing, television image, computer monitor, or film, as opposed to one using many colors, as in Photos in black and white fade less than those taken with color film. [Late 1800s]
  2. Also, black or white. Involving a very clear distinction, without any gradations. For example, He tended to view everything as a black and white issue—it was either right or wrong—whereas his partner always found gray areas. This usage is based on the association of black with evil and white with virtue, which dates back at least 2,000 years. [Early 1800s].
  3. in black and white. Written down or in print, and therefore official. For example, The terms of our agreement were spelled out in black and white, so there should be no question about it. This term alludes to black ink or print on white paper. Shakespeare used it in Much Ado about Nothing (5:1). [Late 1500s]

“C’mon, White, move to the front of the bus.”   Henceforth speak “White or Black” and “White and Black“.

We shall overcome.


Courageous WHITE Judge Dies Shielding Man From Bullet

 Judge John Roll Was a Hero: Why Didn’t We Know This?

Jan 21, 2011 – Federal Judge John Roll was killed in Tucson trying to save another man’s life. As soon as madman Jared Lee Loughner finished his attempt to murder Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, he turned his gun on the people to his left, then the people to his right. Recently released video shows his first target to the right was Ron Barber, Gifford’s district director, who was standing next to Justice John Roll. Recently released video shows his first target to the right was Ron Barber, Gifford’s district director, who was standing next to Justice John Roll.

Barber was shot in the arm. Judge Roll then pushed him down and, shielding Barber with his own body, steered him to shelter under a nearby table. While under the table, Loughner aimed for Roll’s exposed back and pulled the trigger. The video continues as Judge Roll looks up over his right shoulder, lies back down and dies at the scene.   Read more from Townhall

Why don’t we know that? ….

— “Sistah”  story Courageous Black Secret Service Woman ….

Racial History of Sanford, FL?

Pallor Parlor’s sistah site, is really doing some ole fashion stretching to validate all the falsified angst over falsified narrative of the Baby Trayvon death.   Go ahead and read all about the racial history of Sanford, FL — Go figure.  The history that supposedly has a cause-and-effect on the city’s White residents and influenced GZ’s actions is PRE-civil rights — is PRE 1960’s!

Let’s talk some RECENT racial history.

Did someone say, “DETROIT”?    Now there is some recent racist shitski going on.  All the hating on Whites drove them from the city; that bad.

C’mon,!  Each year an entire month is devoted to Black History and MLK and the glory and success and UNITY of the civil rights movement (in which my Woman of Palor,  momma was involved in with Women of Color) and you is still talking like no good came from it?


Historic Election.



The closests need cleaning out.

Who ya gonna call?

Redistribution of Wealth (GPA)

Redistribution of wealth goes hand-in-hand with reparations and reparations are a big thing over , but how about the redistribution of GPAs?

Pallor Parlor Poll

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Black on White Hate Crimes

Dedicated to the Pallor of  George Zimmerman.

A place to collect all the incidents since January, 2009 of documented Black on White hate crimes that are silently resting in the cavernous depths of the internet just waiting to be REPORTED.

Beatings, beatdowns, intimidations, mob patrols, etc..

Click ‘reply’ and REPORT with a linkie.

White Engineer of the Year Nominations Now Open!

The People of Color at inspire the People of Pallor.   Nominate  your favorite White Engineer  in the reply section with a brief description or link for voters to learn more about your Pallor Engineer Nominee.  (Reminder:  Michael Moore and Al Gore Are NOT engineers)